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Baloo Chair

Contact for purchase enquiries. Custom finishes available upon request.

The ballooned corners and ultra smooth surface of the fiberglass Baloo Chair give a playful and modern aesthetic to the laid back, relaxing form. The designer also intends to draw upon the juxtaposition between the piece’s heavy and air like qualities. Burnt orange is chosen to elevate the piece to a more sophisticated standard, referencing high end interior design of the 1970s. The chair’s wide and deep seat offers both comfort and an emphatic visual posture.

This chair was sculpted by Paddy in Virtual Reality to enable it to be available in the Metaverse and sold as an NFT collection, but can also be created in physical form.

Limited edition of 32 + 4AP

Size: W160cm x D138cm x H104cm (W 63" x D 54" x H 41")

Material: Fiberglass

Paddy Pike Studio Baloo Chair.jpg
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