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Immensity Cabinet

Paddy Pike Studio Immensity - Cabinet Low Res.jpg

Contact for purchase enquiries. Custom finishes available upon request.

This piece was designed for Behspoke in collaboration with James Austin Murray. Through a mixture of high-tech machine and age-old artisanal processes, Immensity is a head-turning collectible. The matte black wooden doors of the Cabinet is engraved with CNC, derived from one of the artist's paintings. James Austin Murray’s black paintings, created with ivory black oil paint, look like a landscape you could walk right into. It is a visual place that is both disconcerting and overpoweringly seductive.

Size: W 143.5cm x D 50.0cm x H 188.7cm (W 56.5" x D 19.7" x H 74.3")

Material: Wood finished in a metallic black matte finish

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