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Jute Rug Collection

Contact for purchase enquiries. Custom designs and finishes available upon request.

These jute rugs have a unique high and low pile design developed closely with the rug maker to ensure the knots are tight and the texture is comfortable under bare foot.


It is also renowned as a sustainable material for a variety for reasons. Firstly, it uses infinitely less water than cotton whose manufacture is notorious for using a remarkable 2.5% of the world’s water. Furthermore, it is is mainly rain fed and a totally natural fibre; therefore, it doesn’t require any wasteful irrigation. It takes up much less space than cotton to grow, turns carbon dioxide to oxygen at a much faster rate than most other plants and, if left in the correct conditions, takes just 1-2 years to fully decompose.

Jute is also a fantastic crop for the local economy as it leaves the soil even more fertile than before, allowing local farmers to reuse the land for other crops more easily than before.

Pile height: 20mm

Size: 1.8m x 2.7m (6ft x 9ft)

Material: Jute

Proudly made in India

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