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Using both old and new techniques, from sketching to virtual reality, the studio sculpts and designs forms that are then created in reality by some of the world’s most experienced and talented artisans.


Our designs exist to bring life and creativity to spaces. They pay tribute to the influential figures that have inspired our work, such as Pierre Jeanneret, Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti and many more.


The process came before the design, when Paddy was in India and observed the weavers making rugs, he fell in love with the craftsmanship and the culture surrounding it. 
From this, a relationship was developed with Neeraj, who runs a rug making business in the 'carpet city' of Bhadohi, near Varanasi. Over the years, they became close friends and had a strong cultural and linguistic exchange, as Paddy taught Neeraj English, and Neeraj has taught Paddy (basic) Hindi. हालांकि नीरज की अंग्रेजी पैडी की हिंदी से काफी बेहतर है
Their close companionship ensures meticulous quality control along with a personal touch from start to finish, as both Paddy and Neeraj are invested in every piece in the style of a family business.

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Ethical Production

At Paddy Pike Studio, we are committed to building stable and symbiotic relationships with every craftsmen that produces our pieces. We make sure that the artisans are given fair pay and work in satisfactory conditions. This is demonstrated well by our longest-serving supplier, Neeraj, our rug maker in Bhadohi, India.

Paddy travels to India to visit the weavers, check the quality of the products and strengthen the close relationship between the design studio and the makers. 

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We are constantly questioning our supply chain to increase its ethical and sustainable presence. For example, when designing a new collection and discussing materials with rug makers in India, Paddy was told about the sustainable qualities of jute and designed the collection around this material for that reason. See more info about this at the Jute Rug Collection page.

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