Mammoth (Plant Pot)


Contact for purchase enquiries. Custom finishes available upon request. Available in bronze.

This plant pot is made from resin, with a dark brown patina. The main body has holes in and is separate from the base, to make the pot breathable. 

roman classical, ancient references with modern accents. hand made texture, reference to told potters or something? 

inspired by max ernst elephant painting (refernce specifically old school surrealism - do research),  

human form dancing, curves of the body - references the movement of the plant growing in it. 

taking classical design, and seeing where the boundaries can be moved. subverting - to question why a design is as it is. kind of making a joke of classical design and how everyone assumes it should be a certain way (that sounds wrong). better - take what we know about classical design and subvert it, find areas where ideas can be manipulated and evolve into a new form of 

using surrealism as a philosophy, not just an art movemtn, and subverting any idea of what a standard might be, and questioning it.

its not trying to be anything its not, no bullshit, the idea behind it isnt pretentious. this gives the piece a lighthearted elegance wihtout a pretentious backstory

humurous energy

life drawing - showing the curves of the body in movement

inspired form from andile dyalvane? ask him if i can refernnce him 


Size: W51cm x D38cm H37cm (H 20" x W 15" x D 15")

Material: Resin

Lead time: 7-8 weeks


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