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The Best Rugs: cc-tapis

Rug design has always been a great interest of mine. With such a large variety of graphics and such a vast range of prices, how can you choose what’s right for your home? To help you, I have picked out what I believe is one of the best rug manufacturers out there: cc-tapis. There are two main reasons why cc-tapis is my favourite in the industry. Firstly, their rugs are of the highest quality, and secondly, they have the coolest designs.

Here are some of my preferred designs from their collection:

1. Rotazioni & Visioni designed by Patricial Urquiola

These contemporary, geometric patterns have become extremely popular all over the interior design world since their release last year. Their abstract lines mix with modern colour pallets to create a genius contrast between the historic manufacturing technique and the new-found aesthetic. They even come in a variety of colours, so you can match them to almost any interior.

As the rug has an irregular shape, you must be careful about where you place it. If you want it to be the main feature in a room, then throw it over a light-coloured carpet, or even hang it on the wall. If not, then I suggest placing it at the landing at the top of a flight of stairs.

2. Death on the Dancefloor by Marta Bagante

This rug is a little crazier, but in such a good way. I personally wouldn’t have this is in a main area of the house, I think a rug with as much character as this should be saved for the more interesting corners of your home. This wants to be placed somewhere that you wouldn’t usually expect it, perhaps in a dark, moody basement living room. This piece is for the people who are really paying attention, the people who see beyond the bright atrium and into the candlelit wine cellar.

3. Quilt Raw & Thread by Faye Toogood

I think these rugs are great for wall hangings. They’re not overcomplicated, they’re not too bright, but they’re interesting. The layers of fabric add depth that you don’t necessarily want when walking around, but when floating at eye level, they show off textures that you only know you’ve been missing once you have them. I don’t know why more people don’t experiment with fabrics on the walls, although it is lovely to touch and feel them, having them there in the first place adds such a warm vibe to a room.

4. Lost in the Fifties by the cc-tapis design team

It is a close call, but I think this has to be my favourite of all of the rugs made by cc-tapis and it’s designed by their in-house team! It goes to show, as Albert Einstein said, “the only source of knowledge is experience”. I just think this piece incorporates all the subtle essentials of the perfect rug. The design isn’t boring, but isn’t in your face, it isn’t simple, but isn’t trying too hard to be complicated, you could stare at it for ages, but it doesn’t take your attention away from other things in the room. The best part about these rugs is the variety of finishes, so it doesn’t matter if you want one to shake up the room, or one to quietly add some character, there’s a design for you.

Here’s a little to show how their quality is second to none: cc-tapis rugs are designed in Milan and produced in Nepal. In case you don’t know, that is the perfect combination. All their rugs are entirely customisable, hand knotted and made of the finest materials. AND, the founders, Nelcya and Fabrizio Cantoni, set up a non-profit organisation a couple of years ago, in which they provide complete education for the children of weavers in Nepal. If I haven’t convinced you, head over to their website for all the proof you need.

Photo by: Lorenzo Gironi

Art Direction by: Dabiele Lora, Motel409 and Studio MIlo

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