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Timothy Oulton: British Heritage

Timothy Oulton takes classic designs, throws in recovered materials and employs artisans to create furniture that has enough character to keep you company for decades.

Traditional craftsmanship brings personality to each piece. It also ensures that the quality is up to the highest of standards. Of course, the definition of quality can differ from person to person. So, what does quality mean to Tim? Well, there is a direct correlation between the creation of each piece and its perceived quality. For example, intelligent and skilled workers that use high quality materials will produce furniture that looks great, is long lasting and has a story.

The quintessential British look that Tim implements in his entire collection shines through his use of leather, wood and metal that has all been hand-made in the most 'labour intensive, tried and tested' way. It's this use of raw materials that allows the craftsmanship to make his work stand out. It is with each whack of a hammer and carve of a chisel that each piece gets its unique shape.

Something else to note when using raw materials and traditional methods of manufacturing is that the furniture produced can stand the test of time. Wear and tear can and should be expected. Of course, it's great to look at a lovely interior online and dream of lounging in it. But when you're living in it day in day out, marks and scuffs are inescapable. Some furniture looks great for its simplistic beauty, but it is with depth that furniture can become part of a home. You could say it is defined by its imperfections. If you like to show off your living room to your friends with beautiful furnishings, there are so many designers you can go to. If you want to show your friends an awesome time, surrounded by amazing furniture, go to Timothy Oulton.

There is of course a story behind Tim's creation…

He had a summer job at his father's antique shop, Halo, at the age of 18. Having been heavily inspired to carry on the family business, Tim started designing. He and his brother expanded the company from the US to the UK and made sales of over £1m in the first year. It was then that Tim transformed the furniture range from antiques to innovative pieces with traditional craftsmanship. Tim had enough experience in the right field, he had found the right contacts and he was daring enough to pursue what he thought was great before anyone else. Since then, he has opened over 35 stores worldwide, including the flagship store in Harrods which I thoroughly enjoy visiting.

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