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PAD London Review

Yesterday I went around PAD, a fair showcasing the very best of contemporary art and design. This has been my favourite show of the year, filled with some really interesting pieces. These are a few of the designs that caught my eye. Alll images taken on my Leica TL2.

Fonteyn Chair by Brooksbank & Collins. Found at Gallery FUMI

This is an awesome combination of materials, forming a geometric puzzle. This chair is all about balance, utilising the perfect colours and shapes to form something that looks so effortless.

Kashiwado Chair by Isamu Kenmochi. Found at Galerie Alexandre Guillemain.

The cubic style of this solid wooden chair emphasises the comfort one can find in wood alone. Sure to make a statement in any room, this piece is about the beauty of natural material.

Free Edge Chair by George Nakashima. Found at Galerie Alexandre Guillemain.

I love this designer's take on asymmetry, with a single armrest becoming the focal point of this piece. This clever design means that one can also use the armrest as a table. Comfortable and convenient.

Tree Table by Edward Wormley. Found at Galerie Alexandre Guillemain.

This quirky side table is brilliant for storage and far exceeds your regular magazine rack. This table proves that form and function can combine to make seriously aesthetic furniture.

A Unique Enignum Dining Table by Joseph Walsh. Found at Peter Petrou Studio.

How could a piece like this not catch your eye. The craftsmanship of this dining table is exceptional, using natural curves to show off the beauty of this raw material.

Desk by Eugène Printz. Found at Galerie Marcilhac.

The asymmetry and finishing of this desk make for a really sophisticated working environment. This piece reinvents the idea of a classic wooden desk, with a beautiful combination of oxidised brass and palmwood.

Metal Fossil Nickel Coffee Table by Studio Nucleo. Found at Ammann Gallery.

Irregular geometric forms make up this futuristic coffee table. The polished finish allows each edge to catch the light, adding an incredible depth to the piece.

Flower Offering Chair by Satyendra Pakhalé. Found at Ammann Gallery.

It is always great to see designers pushing the boundaries, and I think that this set of chairs does just that. I love the organic shape, which is purposeful in its design and will make a statement in any room.

Universe Cabinet by Patrick E. Naggar. Found at Dutko Gallery.

This reminds me of a beetle, with beautifully patterned panels, enclosing on a smaller cabinet. This is an elegant piece of artistry, with interesting and irregular proportions.

Flux Console by Patrick E. Naggar. Found at Dutko Gallery.

The design of this table has a great sense of humour. The contrast of harsh lines and a natural flow makes for a surprisingly uplifting piece of furniture.

Brass Chair and Desk by Valentin Loellmann. Found at Galerie Gosserez.

The simplicity of this chair and desk is met with the mystery of the hidden brass accents. The imperfections on the brass show the workmanship and love that went into these pieces.

Point Of Mince - Magic 9 Ball by Hans Kotter. Found at Adrian Sassoon Gallery.

Seeing this piece in a picture does it no justice. It captures light in an innovative and truly exciting way and had me staring for ages.

Cloud Tables by Kam Tin. Found at Maison Rapin.

This whimsical coffee table has a lovely, irregular form. Its reflective surface allows for it to capture lots of light, reflecting it through a golden lens.

Elizabeth by Ib Kofod Larsen. Found at Modernity.

This laid back leather armchair screams sophistication. Its elegant frame delicately supports the reclined seat, with the wood and leather working together symbiotically.

Waiting For Godot by Sejin Bae. Found at Mouvements Modernes.

The texture of this vase is tangible with the concentric circles creating a layered effect.

Armchair by Hervé Langlais. Found at Negropontes.

This is a great geometric take on the traditional armchair. The three components combine to form a simple but imaginative seat.

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