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Todd Merrill Studio

When I release my furniture collection, Todd Merrill Studio is somewhere I would love to exhibit my own work...if only it was that easy. Opening in New York at the beginning of this millennium, the gallery has shown a diverse, intriguing array of beautiful furniture. Todd may be human, but his attention to detail has allowed him to find some of the best pieces of 20th century and contemporary design. They’re all fantastic, but here are some of my favourites:

Crossover Table ll Markus Haase

This work of art, which also functions as a table, is brought to life by contrast and its fluid form. Finding two beautiful materials that complement each other and can be sculpted to this organic shape is incredibly difficult, this table is not only awe-inspiring design but logistically tough to make. Markus has two decades of experience as a sculptor and his works depicts his skill set. The two materials wrap around each other in a symbiotic support system integral not only to the beauty, but to the structure of the piece.


Jackie O ll Karl Springer

Simple, elegant and interesting; this chair doesn’t show off, it is mysteriously cool. Naturally dyed goat skin with a lacquer is seen all over; the aesthetic movement is so organic. The clean and rigid lines show a great level of sophistication. When designing a similar chair, don’t overcomplicate it, especially if you would like a finish like this.


Roco Console ll Alex Roskin

Walnut and brass is always a winning combination, but that doesn’t make it easy to create a masterpiece out of them. A piece like this has layers of beauty, where at first glance you will spot a material you like, then you realise the subtle feral form, and then the details, which are always so important. Whilst taking in the piece, think about how you would physically make it yourself, think about each tiny detail and why the designer has chosen to do it that way. This helps to appreciate the work at a more intelligent level.


Stellar Cabinet ll Jake Phipps

For this cabinet inspired by geodes and cut diamonds, the designer has not only thought outside the box, but he has sliced the box into small shiny faces. An astounding testament to the unique skill of the maker. Be careful when considering where to put this cabinet, as it’s all mirrored, you’ll see everything around it. I’d suggest a light coloured rug that can reflect in a lovely spectrum of colours.


Double Cantilevered Console ll Gary Magakis

This is bold, it must have been so exciting for the designer to see it come to life when made. It is a great skill to be able to visualise a concept, especially when your design is so different to any seen before. I always like to see a piece of furniture that has some kind of physics behind it, the weight and balance has been ever so carefully thought out. Very cool.


Double Tufted Sectional Sofa ll Todd Merrill

This sofa is designed by the man that created the studio, Todd Merrill. It seems fitting that Todd should design some furniture himself. I’m sure that he would be even more particular and pedantic when adding his own furniture to his collection, and so he should be. But of course, with his impeccable taste, It’s not a surprise that this piece lives up to the gallery’s prestigious name.


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