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Paddy's Top Pics

Here's a selection of pieces I've picked out, I hope you like them too.

This cabinet is covered in patches of leather, iron and copper, treated with different finishes. The Italy-based designer says it was influenced by Samurai armour, which is pretty cool in itself. The contrast of the slender legs and the large cabinet helps to accentuate the strength of the armour-like front.


Bilbao Console || Sebastian Errazuriz

This incredibly creative designer, artist and activist was born in Chile, raised in London, studied in Santiago and then obtained a Master's in Fine Arts from New York University. The nature-inspired, branch-shaped console table has a deep black finish to contrast with the life that the tree once had.


Oru Cabinet || Aljoud Lootah

Here’s a really funky geometric cabinet who’s name originates from the Japanese word for folding. It shows ‘sophisticated simplicity’ as it depicts a 3D piece being created from a 2D shape; just like origami.


This coffee table, which was designed by the London-based team headed up by Arek and Tomasz, has a great industrial look with a great mix of materials. A block of 200-year matured solid oak sits on the lower level of the table, contrasting in colour and texture which brings the table to life. Beautifully simple design.


Anamorphic Console || Asher Israelow

This cabinet is designed using a method of placing a 2D shape over a 3D model at a unique angle, an example of anamorphic projection. Using walnut and brass is always a winning combination, taking this clever design to a new level.


Contour || Bodo Sperlein

This table and bench set is part of the Contour collection which was handmade in the UK. The work has been created by combining modern production formats with traditional craftsmanship; two methods that should be used alongside each other and not separately.


The organic lines and legs designed for this table make it stand out from other designs. The table folds over, resting on itself in an animalistic posture. The legs are bejewelled with Swarovski Crystals to create a luxurious finish.


Enzo Sideboard ll Rosanna Ceravolo

Inspired by Gio Ponti, this sideboard has grooves in its façade that give it a deep texture and a captivating aesthetic.


Puzzle Table ll Gulla Jónsdóttir

You've got to love the material used here; the varying tones of bronze bring this piece alive. The seamless edges show great craftsmanship, while the one unbrushed component of the puzzle stands out. Gulla has a wide range of talents across the art and design field, see more on her website.

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