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Carlo's Rug (The Making Of)

I had no desire to make a rug, until I started researching Carlo Scarpa's work for inspiration on another project. Scarpa was an Italian architect who had an incredible skill for integrating materials, especially raw/base materials with precious ones. He achieved this through his extensive attention to detail and an adept eye for proportions.

After sketching various forms of Scarpa's work on paper, it became clear that the graphic would look excellent on a surface. So the task was to find a material that could express this geometric aesthetic in an attractive and engaging way.

After trying out a few other options, I turned towards rugs, as I felt that a rug would show off the desired design well, whilst allowing an interaction between the product and user. I chose to use silk as the material, as it is reminiscent of Scarpa's love for exquisite materials and it feels amazing, making the interaction between product and user feel that much more luxurious. For several months, I developed this particular silk tufting with Neeraj Patel, my rug maker and very good friend, who lives just outside of Varanasi, India. By working directly with the manufacturer, I can quality check with ease, allowing for efficient product development and a perfect product for the user.

I shot the rug with my Leica TL2, and made a stop motion picture involving toy cars that can be seen here. And yes, it did take ages.

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