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Walnut Screen

Contact for purchase enquiries. Custom sizes and finishes available upon request.

This dark stained walnut screen embodies a gravity that is well suited for its technical purpose. The three large boards and hand stained walnut finish creates a deep and heavy product that becomes part of the room it's in, and not just an accessory to the interior. Ideally suited for its purpose as a room divider or screen to preserve modesty when changing garments. Additionally, small hand sculpted feet cast in bronze prop the piece up off the floor which helps emphasise both strength and structural organization of the three bilaterally connected boards.

Limited edition of 32 + 4AP


Open W192cm x D3cm H160cm (W 76" x D 1" x H 63")

Closed W64cm x D9cm x H160cm (W 25" x D 3" x H 63")

Material: Walnut, bronze

Paddy PIke Studio Walnut Screen (6).jpg
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